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Platinum Membership

£499.00 inc. VAT

Free Off-Site Valuation with every Holiday Home

Once you have uploaded your Holiday Home, you will have access to mark your Holiday Home as Sold or edit your Holiday Home to include more or less information.

Along with this, we will also give you a guaranteed off-site sale price. This is a second option available should your Holiday Home not receive a lot of interest, or you need to speed up the process and sell quickly.

List UNLIMITED Holiday Homes

Perfect for people who have more than 1 Holiday Home to sell

Up to 50 images

Upload a maximum of 50 images per Holiday Home

12 Months Access

Get 12 months access to the Platinum package.
Once your subscription expires, you will be downgraded back to Bronze

Free Advice

If you have any questions relating to the sale of your Holiday Home, contact us and we will give free impartial advice

Featured on Social

Your Holiday Home will be featured on our social platforms

Shared on Social

Your Holiday Home will be featured on our socials, we will share your listing to all our social groups on facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

Add Custom Features

We have already pre-selected some features for a Holiday Home. You will be able to add to this list

Add 1 Video

Show your viewers what it's actually like to be inside your Holiday Home.
Upload a video to your listing to increase the chances of selling your Holiday Home quicker!

WAS Price

Show your customers that you've added a discount to your Holiday Home
This is proven to attract more attention

Featured on Website

Your Holiday Home will be listed on our website's featured page and also featured on your Holiday Park's page.
Your Holiday Home will be featured within our banner on the homepage, giving you maximum visibility!

Listed on our Online Shops

Your Holiday Home will be listed within our Whatsapp and Facebook shop.

Premium Marketing

3 month listing on Rightmove, Zoopla and up to 100+ other partnered sites.

Professional Photos

We will visit you, take you for lunch and take professional photos of your Holiday Home, so you stand out from the rest of the crowd

Complete Holiday Home MOT

We will complete a full comprehensive MOT of your Holiday Home, outlaying every possible pro and con of your Holiday Home.

We will explain every bit of detail as to why something may increase or decrease the value of your Holiday Home and possible solutions to any flaws we may find.

Giving you piece of mind that we have covered absolutely everything a buyer would need to know, ensuring that if a sale comes, you're covered.

Complete Holiday Home Write Up

We will go into extensive detail about your Holiday Home, creating a unique write up which should hopefully turn some heads.

We will also include a free write up about your holiday park, ensuring to let your potential buyers know everything there is about why your Holiday Home is their next dream home from home.

Competitive Price Calculation

Selling a Holiday Home is no easy feat.
With this in mind, we will take a look at similar makes and models that were built around the same time and compare prices with other sellers and the park you are selling onto.

Giving you piece of mind that your home is reletively prices given it's age, make, model and condition.

Park Commissions & Charges

As you probably know, when you are selling your Holiday Home, the park are losing out on a potential deal too.
Because of this, parks charge a commission.
We will work this out for you when pricing your Holiday Home up competively ensuring you know exactly what you'll be walking away with.

We will work out exactly how much needs to be paid by you or the buyer to the park

Help with T&Cs

Selling a Holiday Home is not as straight forward as we would like.

So Luna Private Sales will help you understand what exactly you need to know when it comes to your parks T&Cs.

If you have finance on your Holiday Home, we can help you understand what to do next.

Managed Listing

Some people just don't have the time to manage the sale of their Holiday Home, so we can handle all potential leads that come through and arrange viewings at a time that suites you.
If you do have a bit of spare time, you can do this yourself using our easy to use website.

Depending on the area and if we have somebody within that area at the time, we can also arrange for one of our team to show a potential buyer around your Holiday Home and answer any burning questions they may have.

Direct Contact

Don't like waiting for answers or standing in queues?
Don't worry, we have you covered!

You will have a direct line to your own dedicated team member (during working hours), who will be waiting for any help, advice or questions you may have or need at any time within the contract term.

Giving you piece of mind that we are with you, every step of the way!

When purchasing this product, please ensure that your account is complete with your telephone number.

Platinum Membership

£499.00 inc. VAT